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I absolutely love this product! My twins are five months old and my four year old daughter loves to help feed them. Before Table for Two, it was so difficult to let her help and feeding time was always a disaster. It has made feeding them a breeze for our whole family!

-Beth, mom of Aden and Cassidy

I literally wanted to cry every couple hours when my twins were ready to eat! Feeding time by myself was the most stressful part of my day. I used to put two bouncy seats next to each other and hold my arms in the air for 30-45 minutes at a time! It was painful! I was so excited when I heard about Table for Two and immediately ordered one. It has turned feeding time into one of the easiest times of the day for me and my twins! They are so happy when they are in it so we use it as our lounger as well instead of bouncy seats. Definitely recommend this product!!

-Caroline, mom of Parker and Cole

I am a teacher at an upscale daycare in Orlando, Florida and I have four infants ranging from 2 months to 11 months old to take care of during the day. I used to spend almost two hours getting them all bottle fed every 3 hours. The owner of our daycare recently purchased several Table for Two's for us and we all love them! We can feed four babies in less than an hour and it is so comfortable for us to use with the arm rests. I love the bottle holders on the side so I will never get the babies bottles mixed up. This is an excellent product!

-Tina, daycare teacher

I received this as a gift from my sister-in-law for my baby shower. It was definitely the talk of my shower! It works just as amazing as it looks. It puts my girls in the perfect position to take a bottle so effortlessly. It also has such fun fabrics to choose from that I just recently ordered two extra seat inserts to have on hand when milk gets spilled and I have to throw them in the washing machine. I love my Table for Two!

-Christina, mom of Ella and Elizabeth

I was determined to breastfeed my twin boy and girl. I tried the my brest friend nursing pillow for twins and it was miserable on me and them and I still had to have someone with me to hand me babies and to burp them. I saw an ad for Table for Two in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I am now pumping into bottles and so easily feeding them this way by myself. Thank you Table for Two for saving me!

-Susan, mom of Rylan and Reid

To give my wife a break on the weekends I take care of the feedings of our twins boys. Before we purchased our Table for Two, I dreaded it! I would be feeding one and never fail, the other one would start screaming at the top of their lungs for their bottle. It stressed me out like no other! Now with Table for Two, it is so stress-free to pop them in it, knock out the feeding, and we are all happy! Especially my wife who gets to sleep in! smile

-Greg, dad of Josh and Isaiah

Thanks for making this product. It's been a lifesaver with my twins at feeding time!
We use it at most every meal and the babies love it. We just started feeding them solids and it's been a huge help with that as well. I would definitely recommend this to other mothers with twins.

-Grace, Mom to James and Reese

Table for Two has been a lifesaver for me. I used to dread feeding both of my babies at the same time and none of my homemade solutions seemed to work and usually they like to be fed at the same time. When my Table for Two arrived, I was so relieved! My babies love hanging out in the chair and are quite happy to sit in it after a feeding and play with a toy (and each other) because they like sitting together. Everyone comments on how awesome the chair is! Thanks so much for creating such a lifesaver for our family!

-Michelle - mom of Miles and Reid

Total game changer!! Thanks Table For Two!

-Jaime, Mom of James and Will

I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing chair. I was looking for a feeding solution when my twin girls were born, people suggested body pillows and propping the babies up to eat...nothing worked and they were very uncomfortable. I found this chair and order it when my girls were 1 month old....what an awesome invention. My girls have been taking their bottles in this chair now for one year. They love it, we love it....and everyone who sees it loves it. It has saved my back, allowed them to drink comfortably and is the most used item of all the baby things I have bought or recieved this past year. They know where the bottle holders are and help themselves! I recommend it to all twin moms, if you think you can go without it......you can't this will make your life 100 times easier when feeding your babies.
Thanks again Table for Two!!!!!


I couldn’t imagine raising twins without our Table for Two! If there is one MUST HAVE purchase for your twins arrival, this product is it! **and I promise, they are not paying me to write this! J ** At first, I was skeptical about whether to spend the money on this product, but I can honestly say we have used it for every penny of its worth. Our twins are now 6 months old, and we use this product multiple times, EVERY day. The customer service at Table for Two is absolutely amazing also. Everyone there is so helpful. When I ordered mine, it was shipped to the wrong location (the carriers fault), the OWNER of the company ended up calling me back to try and resolve the problem. A company.. with an amazing product. Kudos!

-Denise, Mother of Skylar and Austin (and 2 year old sister Natalie)

Our twins, Justin and Gia, are four months old and we love the product—so much that we bought two! It not only is a convenient way to feed them, it is also a safe place for them to sit at other points during the day. As you can see from the photo, Justin and Gia love it. Thank you for making a wonderful product for twins!

-Jen, Mom of Justin and Gia

Ethan and Lucas love their table for two! Thanks for making such a great product.... What a lifesaver!

-Lisa, Mom of Ethan and Lucas

We love our table for two! In addition to using it for feeding bottles, my 8m old fraternal girls love to relax in it while we read to them. They use it as their recliner.

Amazing product! My #1 twin recommendation. We've used it from day 1. Saved our lives!!!

-Mom Stephanie to fraternal twin girls

Jack and Sophia love to sit in their table for two!! Thank you for such a wonderful product that can be used for not only feeding but a safe place to lounge as well. My son is a refluxer and he loves to sit upright in his table for two!

-Mom Kate to Jack and Sophia

Davis twins Lucy and Beaux living the good life in there Table for Two. Thanks for a great product!!

-Dad JC to Lucy and Beaux