My name is Lindsey Sandefur and I’d like to introduce to you Table for Two, the must have feeding tool for parents of twins! I created Table for Two after giving birth to my beautiful twin girls, London and Leyton. My husband stayed home with us the first few weeks, making feeding time relatively easy. After he returned to work, however, I was left alone with two babies who screamed simultaneously every two hours for their bottles! I was determined to breastfeed, but I soon realized that there was no easy way to do this by myself. I purchased two different breastfeeding pillows for twins, but they were impossible to use by myself.

So I decided to express breastmilk into bottles and bottle-feed the girls in order to keep them on the same schedule. I called a few of my friends with twins to ask them how in the world they were able to feed two babies at once, but they seemed as frustrated as I was.

One suggestion was to put two u-shaped pillows on the bed to support the girls while I held bottles for 20-30 minutes at a time, which killed my neck and back and didn't support my arms at all. Milk would run down the babies’ faces and they would choke due to the awkward angle. The girls would slide downward, forcing me to set down their bottles, which would often tip and spill milk all over the bed. What a mess!

I decided I had to come up with an easy, stress-free way to feed my twins and Table For Two was born! Table for Two is constructed of 100% high-density polyurethane foam, so it is both comfortable and sturdy. It is covered in a non-toxic, waterproof polyester fabric that is easily wiped clean. The comfy, velcro-fastened cotton seat cushion inserts and headrests are not only stylish, they are easy to remove and clean by simply tossing them in the washing machine.

Table for Two features convenient bottle holders on each side to prevent spillage or mixing up bottles, and comfortable armrests for you so you’ll never suffer another horrible neck or backache! Putting babies in and lifting them out is a snap, and the seatbelts are designed for safety and comfort. On the back is a convenient carrying handle so you can easily move Table for Two around your house and take it wherever you go.

Table for Two is a lifesaver for all parents of twins! It will also cut feeding time in half for daycare and NICU staff!